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16MM*15CM*2000M Embedded Drip Hose /Drip Tape

Product parameters
NAMESize Pressure Weight Thickness
InchW.P (Bar)B.P(Bar)KGmm
Embedded Drip Hose/ Mosaic Flat Emitter type drip tape 镶片式滴灌带16mm*10cm*1500m0.5-1.01.5-3210.2
Embedded Drip Hose/ Mosaic Flat Emitter type drip tape 镶片式滴灌带16mm*10cm*1500m0.5-1.01.5-3210.3

The flat drip drip irrigation belt is an integrated drip irrigation belt with a flat-shaped dripper on the inner wall of the tube belt. It is widely used in greenhouse greenhouses and irrigation of economic crops in the field.

1. The dripper is integrated with the tube, easy to install and use, low in cost and low in investment. 2, the dripper has a self-filtering window, anti-blocking performance is good.

3, the use of labyrinth flow channels, with a certain pressure compensation.

4, the spacing of the dripper can be determined according to user requirements

Usage scenarios

Due to its own characteristics, it is suitable for use in flat areas and greenhouses. It can fully meet the requirements of surface drip irrigation and underground drip irrigation, and has certain advantages in price, which can reduce investment costs.

16MM*15CM*2000M Embedded Drip Hose /Drip Tape

Packing and shipping

All directly from the factory, widely used in greenhouse shed nursery garden micro-spray irrigation, seedling and mushroom cooling and cooling, lawn spray irrigation water gardening garden flower atomization cooling and other places, and watering drip irrigation drip irrigation greenhouse watering automatic drip irrigation, Sprinkler irrigation, micro irrigation system. The production supply is very stable, the volume is sufficient, it can be retailed and can be wholesaled.16MM*15CM*2000M Embedded Drip Hose /Drip Tape

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